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Forever Laser Dark A & B Sheets

Forever Laser Dark A & B Sheets

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A revolutionary self-weeding heat transfer paper, FOREVER Laser Dark allows for the application of intricate, full-color images to low-temperature substrates. FOREVER Laser Dark features a unique two-step system of "A" and "B" papers that leaves no background coating and eliminates the need for cutting and weeding

How It Works:

FOREVER Laser Dark includes a semi-transparent A-Foil application page and an opaque B-Paper. First, print on the transparent A-Foil and then press together with the B-Paper. The B-Paper transfers a white adhesive base to only the printed toner on the A-Foil, down to the fine details. The two are then separated, and the A-Foil transfer page is pressed to the garment. The result is a highly detailed, durable transfer with no background.


  • Self-weeding, low-temperature laser heat transfer paper
  • Low processing temperature (300°F/150°C)
  • Easy two-step (A & B) application minimizes errors and allows user flexibility
  • Semi-transparent A-Foil sheet allows for easy alignment
  • Unique top-coating provides incredible wash resistance
  • High processing tolerance, especially when separating A & B papers
  • Use with a TransferRIP software to achieve prints with an added level of softness, flexibility and durability


  • For best results, we recommend printing with a Oki or Crio white toner laser printers.
  • Must be applied by heat press application only - cannot be applied with conventional home iron. For best results, professional equipment in good condition is recommended
  • Typical shelf life of one-year with proper storage (cool, dark, sealed location)
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