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Two-Step Opaque

Two-Step Opaque

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To create an incredibly versatile thin, but durable and patch-like transfer for a wide range of fabrics, Two-Step Opaque is the perfect mate for your project! When used in combination with either sublimation or heat transfer papers, Two-Step Opaque can be used to customize a wide range of fabric items like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. Two-Step Opaque features a thin printable fabric layer with a tough, durable adhesive, for a resulting transfer that is sturdy and thicker like a patch, but printed with high-definition, full-color vibrancy similar to transfer papers!


  • Thin patch-like fabric that can be used with dye-sublimation or heat transfer paper prints
  • Easy two-step process transfers your image to Two-Step Opaque, resulting in a thin & soft patch-like applique you can quickly press to a garment or fabric good!
  • Recommended especially for fabrics and items with thick seams to prevent seam texture from bleeding through
  • Can be applied to 100% cotton, polyester, or blend fabric types of any color


  • Cannot be directly printed upon - do NOT print directly onto the Two-Step Opaque
  • Must be used with a light/white color heat transfer paper or with dye-sublimation transfer prints
  • For heat press application only - cannot be applied with conventional home iron
  • Heat transfer paper with proper storage (cool, dark, sealed location) typically has a shelf life of one year
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